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Cyberall Yellow Pages Listing Options:

Three options are available to Cyberall sponsors -

Option 1. Basic Paid Sponsor

Basic Paid Sponsorship ($75 a qtr.) features:
  1. A link to your web site.
  2. A twenty five word ad which can be changed daily.
  3. The ability to post and update sales and special events and coupons.
  4. The ability to provide information for consideration on the Cyberall Cyber Shopper free of charge and the ability to enter the Cyberall SOS Auction.
  5. The ability to advertise Cyber Credit incentives based on purchases or site visits.
  6. The ability to enter notices regarding job openings at standard prices.
  7. Access to the Cyberall Skill Bank.
  8. The ability to enter ads in company ad programs at established rates.

Option 2. Full Privileges Paid Sponsor

Full Paid Sponsorship ($150 six months) features:
  1. All basic sponsor privileges listed above - (Option 1)
  2. Entry of up to two graphics per month or twelve graphics in a half year. Graphics exceeding the limits are billed at standard rates. Standard rates apply for posting.
  3. Entry of up to two ad pages or menu/flyer pages per week - additional page entries are billed at $5 per page.
  4. Entry of one video clip - not to exceed 1.5 minutes. Clips exceeding allowed limits are subject to billing charges.

Option 3. Free Sponsor - Limited Privileges

Free Sponsorship features:

  1. A link to your web site
  2. Twenty five word ad which may not be changed
  3. The ability to provide information for consideration on the Cyberall Cyber Shopper free of charge. Use of the Cyberall SOS auction is reserved for paid sponsors.

Option 4. Temporary Site Use - $35 - One Month

This option includes all of the features of Option 1 but limited to 30 days use from the date of registration.

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