We ask that you take a moment to register before visiting the Cyberall Cyber Shopper. Your registration benefits both the user and the company and protects the information which has been retrieved for your use at considerable expense. Users of the Cyber Shopper are Important to us and themselves. For this reason we refer to visitors who enjoy the benefits of registration as Important Shoppers.

As an Important Shopper you can earn credits every time you visit advertised sponsor sites, so be sure to log in when you visit. The more you visit advertised sites the greater your chances to win valuable awards from participating businesses. Important Shoppers can check their credits to see how many they have earned and then check the Winners Circle to see what they are entitled to at any time.

Important Shoppers also enjoy Free Skill Bank Entry (your skills can be registered in the Cyberall International Skill Bank Registry and you are free to direct prospective employers or anyone to review your credentials on line.) You also enjoy Free Classified ad entries which allow you to advertise any item free of charge to thousands of site visitors!  To learn more about the program, click here.

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When you have completed the form you will be sent an e-mail with your Important Shopper Number, confirmation of your password and details about the program. As a registered Important Shopper you will receive free regular announcements regarding sales and specials in Cyber Space and in your own backyard. IT'S TOTALLY FREE! AND TOTALLY PRIVATE -YOUR NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS WILL BE PROTECTED AND WILL NEVER BE SOLD TO ADVERTISERS.

The corporate sponsors of the Cyberall web site honor your right to privacy. Your name - address - email or any other personal information will not be sold to outside sources.

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It's Easy! It's Fun!

Every time you visit a Cyberall Yellow Pages site you earn Cyber Credits!! Cyber Credits are worth cash. The more you earn, the more you save. Valuable gift certificates and awards are provided to Important Shoppers based on the number of Cyber Credits earned. You also eceive Cyber Credits for visiting The Cyberall Cyber Shopper - one Cyber Credit for every visit to any section.

Simply Register as an Important Shopper and when you visit sponsor web sites, you automatically receive credits which are redeemable in gift certificates from area businesses.

You can see where you stand at any time by clicking on the Check Your Credits button.

This program is totally FREE to the shopper. Program Sponsors cover all costs.

No purchase is necessary! Just visit advertised sites and earn Cyber Credits when you visit. The more you visit advertised sites, the more you earn.

Here's How the program works!

When you Register you will be assigned an Important Shopper ID. Every time you visit a Sponsor Site listed in the Cyberall Interactive Yellow Pages, your account is automatically and confidentially credited. There is no limit to the number of Cyber Credits that can be earned.

So, get started today by registering as an Important Shopper and visiting the sites listed in our Cyberall Interactive Yellow Pages.

Benefit Your Favorite Charity or Group - Enter the name of your favorite charity to which you desire to apply Cyber credits earned. This will allow us to credit your account when you earn Important Shopper Program Cyber Credits. Ten percent of all Cyber Credits earned are credited to your favorite charity. Cyber Credits may be used by the charity to save money on major purchases - and discounts applicable to the same will be announced in the Winners Circle under Mega Cyber Credits.

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Announcements are sent to important shoppers with their permission. Please record the web address in your address book to ensure reception of the same. Warning: if you erase cookies on your site, you may loose your record of earnings. It is wise to record your credits periodically so that you will get the most out of your visits to Cyberall web sites.




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